Why Food Security is Necessary – How Food Trucks Help in Crisis

at 3:00PM, Friday- March 29th, 2019 by Food Truck Spaces

Food security can be defined as the ability for all people at any point in time to have access to safe and nutrient-dense foods for their dietary needs. This not only entails access to food but affordability as well.

In times of crisis, whether it be local, national, or global, one of the primary concerns is access to safe food and drinking water. We’ve all seen it before – grocery stores cleared out of bottled drinking water and canned goods. But what happens when your reserves are destroyed due to natural disasters? The government will usually send in assistance along with the Red Cross to help aid all displaced victims by providing temporary shelter and meals. Sometimes those resources are not enough to feed the masses that need assistance, therefore local businesses join hands to help those in need.

The aftermath of hurricane Harvey left many Houstonians without a home and worried about food security. In order to help bring food to places where Houstonians where trapped or temporary housed, the Red Cross partnered with many local food trucks. Partnering with local food trucks allowed the Red Cross to provide fresh delicious foods to many distraught Houstonians. They did not have to eat MREs for every meal. Having fresh, nutrient-dense, good-tasting food helps build morale and ease tension among those that have suffered a loss.

We take for granted what a good meal can do for us, we take for granted our access to delicious meals. We take this for granted until we can no longer access it. This is when food security becomes an issue and threatens our livelihood. Food trucks that partnered with the Red Cross to help victims of hurricane Harvey brought more than a meal to the survivors, they brought joy and hope. Having a good meal brought to you provides solace in knowing that despite the disaster, you are still able to have a decent meal.

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