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Frequently Asked Questions


Food Truck Spaces is a software tool. Our main clients are coordinators looking to grow their business. Food trucks and properties are also able to utilize our software – they get matched up with coordinators in their region. Foodies use us to find food trucks near them.

Click the login button at the top right of the screen. Click ‘sign up here’ next to the account type you want to register and complete your profile.

Coordinators can send us a message at the bottom of this page or schedule a demo on the ‘Coordinators’ page.

We aim to work with the most professional trucks that have a record for showing up on time with a working vehicle.

We aim to work with coordinators looking to grow their business. Coordinators that have room to grow and appreciate a software tool that meets their needs.

We work with all spaces! Commercial, residential, one-time venue events, and more. We will help connect you to a coordinator to supply any number of trucks needed for a successful food festival.

There is no charge to properties or consumers. Food trucks will pay a transparent one-time booking fee upfront for each booked event – prices are set by the coordinator in your region.


Food truck spaces is a software tool that works alongside your current coordination to make it fully automated to help you grow. Request a demo to learn more.

Never. We operate solely as a software tool. All leads will be sent to the coordinator assigned to the specific region.

Click on the coordinator tab and fill out the ‘schedule a demo’ form. A team member will reach out shortly.

Yes, please reach out to us.

Food Trucks

Food Trucks will be able to create a profile and from there be able to access a dashboard. The dashboard can be used to sort, analyze, and book shifts. You will also have your own personal calendar where you can access event details.

Cancellations are easily made through your dashboard. If you need to cancel but find a replacement truck, you can email your coordinator or us at

All booking fees are set by your assigned coordinator.

Upon logging into your account, sales are displayed next to each property/event. You can click on the sales figure to view a detailed list of corresponding sales to trucks.


Once the location is approved for truck bookings, you can login to your account to view, edit, and cancel events.

Unless a designated guaranteed minimum is requested from the coordinator, there is no fee for requesting a truck.

Yes, your account allows you to select or deselect specific cuisine types. You are also able to restrict certain trucks.

Sure thing. Our system works great for all event types, including one-time events. Upon creating your event, you will be prompted to specify the date, time, and number of occurrences of the event. A one time event would occur one time.

This typically depends on your location and establishment. The greater the sales and the more consistent the sales means trucks will want to come out more often.

The number of trucks typically depends on the number of meal purchasers – details will need to be provided to your coordinator. For large events, our coordinators can schedule as many trucks as needed.


Simply type in your address in the search bar under “Find food trucks near you” and the closest food trucks near you will populate.

Once you have indicated your address, click the ‘notify me’ button. Complete the pop-up form indicating your email or phone to receive notifications straight to your device. Menus and flyers will be sent through the medium of choice indicating which truck/s will be coming to your selected location

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