Fill your food truck rental space. Fast.

Automate your growth now!


Automate your food truck catering.

Are you swamped juggling spreadsheets, calendars, phone calls, and payments to fill your food truck rental spaces?

Food Truck Spaces makes filling those spots a breeze for a food truck coordinator. Use our advanced algorithms to manage all your properties so you can spend more time growing your business. Less back and forth. More time onboarding new properties.

See what Food Truck Spaces can do for you.

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service 1 Go offline while your business stays online.

Rest easy while your bookings get booked. No hustle passive income, the opportunities are endless.

service 2 Get an edge over your competition.

Be everywhere at once with professionally designed and automated communication.

service 3 Quickly scale your business.

Free yourself from the daily back and forth so you can create food truck rotations at new properties.

Let the platform do the work so you can live.

Food Truck Spaces has made the process of booking your food truck rental space amazingly simple. Manage all your properties and food trucks from our powerful and user-friendly dashboard. Manage real-time schedules, payments, cancellations, refunds, food truck restrictions, insurance document approvals, property guidelines, all with a few clicks.


Powerful analytics. Easy to understand and act on.

We’ve spent thousands of hours working with food truck coordinators like you to design and develop algorithms and meaningful analytics that you can actually use to plan and supercharge your success. Get full access to activity logs and sales data to ensure comprehensive booking analysis for current and future events.

Your food truck spaces are exclusively yours to keep.

Food truck catering at apartment buildings, office buildings, and festivals that are managed by you are not shared with other food truck coordinators and are yours to keep. If we find new food truck rental spaces that are in an area managed by you, we’ll even pass them on to you. After all, when you thrive, we thrive.

Your trucks. Your properties. Your brand.

You are center of your truck’s scheduling world. Leverage it to build your business with your very own branded flavor of the Food Truck Spaces platform. Connect Food Truck Spaces to your existing website and provide a seamless experience for the food trucks you manage.

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Our pricing is simple. It’s free for you. Forever. For real!

Food Trucks Spaces is driven by your success. We charge food trucks a flat $5 fee to book at a space.

No fees. No commitments. No kidding.